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Research your HOME

You may think you already know everything about the history of your house and who lived there – but what treasures did they leave behind that remain hidden underfoot?

Harold Peacock uses his archaeology, genealogy and history research skills, experience and cutting edge technology to carefully metal detect and recover lost artefacts. He then researches the items and the people behind them to add an additional dimension to your history. You’ll then have loads more anecdotes for next time you have friends visit!

“It was a great experience and I really recommend others to take the opportunity if it ever presents.” (Cecile, Sherwood)
Click here to see the 1890s Colonial history discovered at Jai and Ravi’s house

I would recommend History Out There to anyone with an older house that would like to discover lost secrets that their yard might reveal.” (Shelley, West End)
And here for the 1878 discovery that pre-dated the 1891 house where it was found

“It is incredible what Harold was able to ‘dig’ up about the rifle’s original owner and then his wider family.'” (Brad, Marburg)
Click here for the amazing story of 7 men, 4 wars, 2 bravery medals, and 1 DNA discovery revealed by a single WW2 rifle

PUBLISH the story

Everything that Harold uncovers can be published here at History Out There. You can ALSO have the story produced into beautiful book for you share with your family, friends, and for others to obtain for perpetuity.

And when it comes time to sell, the real estate agent will love you because they’ll be able to easily connect to the emotion of the buyer!


Harold’s proven skills give you the confidence that the stories he uncovers will stay with you for ever.

  • Accredited holder of Construction Induction White Card for access to building sites
  • Member of the Royal Historical Society of Queensland
  • Undergraduate degree with a double-major in Journalism and further university studies in History, Archaeology, and Genealogy
  • Sponsored by the world’s best metal detecting technology of Minelab