22254681_1246144678852811_698849069679010274_oHarold Peacock’s post-graduate qualification in applied finance belies his deep love of history and adventure. He has visited sixty countries as diverse as Iceland from where he ventured north of the Arctic Circle to see Puffins in their natural habitat, and Bolivia where he gasped at an altitude greater than Base Camp in the Himalayas. All the while he has enjoyed similarly differing events like Royal Garden Parties at Buckingham Palace in England, and country pub hospitality in remote Thargomindah in Outback Australia. 

A degree in journalism enhanced by further studies in history and archaeology, means that everywhere he goes, Harold observes with the eye of an historian and the curiosity of a journalist. His research is often supplemented with tangible evidence unearthed by by his work as a detectorist. In this way, he uniquely removes the barrier of time and space, to bring history alive by connecting to real people. Memberships include the Royal Historical Society of Queensland.

His stories result in the unexpected. A series of claims-to-fame short stories drew top marks from his old English teacher from school. A family history that Harold wrote for his uncle unexpectedly sold in four countries. 

This blog records Harold’s appreciation of everyday life and travel from an historic perspective, weaving his love of history into unique individualistic posts. Please follow, share, and enjoy.

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