Public appearances

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Probus Club Chapel Hill 2020

“Harold Peacock is an adventurer whose experiences and travels are extraordinary and extraordinarily interesting.  Harold has excellent public speaking abilities and  is able to explain how his adventures led to him studying history as a discipline and its application sociologically.” (Anon)
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“His enthusiasm is infectious. He was able to select  places that were localities that the members were familiar with and I remember his talk as I walk past these localities now.” (Anon)

Brisbane Greeters 2019

“As volunteer tour guides, the audience of Brisbane Greeters were pleased to learn so much of what was relevant to their presentations to guests, local and overseas alike. Harold was very happy to take questions which was much appreciated.” (Ali)

Kenmore Historical Society 2019

“The audience was surprised and delighted to hear just how much can be learned about our history by metal detecting around potentially interesting sites. Harold is a good communicator.” (Ian)

Ipswich Historical Society 2018

“He had meticulously researched the subject and delivered the findings in an interesting and clear manner, aptly peppered with humour. I was totally absorbed and fascinated and didn’t want it to end.” (Joyce)33720482_1866277900336406_1838090082490253312_n

“Harold was enthusiastic, articulate and armed with his well researched facts. I’m looking forward to future presentations.” (Lynda)