What’s your new year resolution?

puffins-on-grimsey-island-1991I want to do something different.

In Bolivia, I ascended to the same elevation as the Mount Everest Base Camp and went shopping in the witches’ markets. That was after nervously crossing the border having been on Peruvian television the previous night participating in a protest.

In Egypt, I descended deep inside the Great Pyramid and laid down in the sarcophagus.

In Russia, I ran backwards photographing a pro-Soviet protest bearing down on me from Red Square. Chins up and chests out when they spied me, sickle and scythe flags held with military pride. Secret servicemen observed, and listened to tiny earpieces.

In England, I attended garden parties at Buckingham Palace and the Royal Enclosure at Royal Ascot.

In Iceland, I travelled up inside the Arctic Circle to visit these Atlantic Puffins. Crawling on my belly to the cliff edge, I leaned out over the vast Arctic Ocean, being careful not to spook the birds guarding their single eggs.

I want to do more of this, going where most people have never been. Experience interesting things.

When I went to see these puffins, it was on a ferry better described as a fishing trawler come ice-breaker. It expertly rode the ocean swell, however my stomach was less adept.

Here in Australia, I was the first to drive a Skoda Yeti into the Outback. I was the talk of every pub, no one had ever seen a red and white Yeti before among all those dusty Toyotas. I went as far as Burke & Wills’ iconic Dig Tree in the desert, and home again.

Maybe something like that, closer to home. Whatever it is, it’s something I haven’t done before.


  1. Something different has a nice ring about it. Well done! How about learning to bake? Tracking the spread of American foodstuffs post 1492. Or, how did corn get to be so necessary in Italy et al? I would like to take a trip on the Nile, from the dam north. But will not because of the dangerous unrest. I want to take the train across Canada. Or any long distance train. Preferably one that serves cocktails. My New Year’s resolution is to get published! May all your dreams come true! Susan Dorey 707-343-7382


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    • Thanks Susan for your kind comments. I’ve done the cooking bit, winning prizes for my jam, sauce, and chutney. Cruised the Nile, taken the Orient Express, and even gone bull riding (wouldn’t recommend it to everyone though… Man Eater got the better of me in my last ride). I had no idea though that Italy was so dependent on corn, sounds like there could be a story there… 🙂


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