Collectible calendar for 2020

2020 Calendar coverWant to share your love of history with friends and family? Too much history is never enough, and so it is when 200 years is rolled into one with the annual Detectorists Calendar for 2020 available now. See the full preview and BUY it here.

This is a beautiful full colour photographic record of the year’s best metal detecting discoveries and most intriguing original research from ‘History Out There’ which is sure the become a collectible item itself.

A different high quality photo each month means you start the year by reliving historic tales and discoveries from Queensland’s first tourist attraction including a gothic Queen Victoria.

There’s a magnificent 150-year-old handmade Latticinio core swirl marble and an artefact straight from one of Australia’s greatest early retailers who was knighted by the Pope.

You’ll love seeing the beautiful Second World War badges and amethyst brooch lost by a church minister’s granddaughter when she suffered a broken heart.

Visit the world of architecture with a memento of Australia’s greatest renaissance architect, and pieces of a lost collection from the founder of a fourth-generation family firm that still exists today.

The Peerage is recalled with discoveries from an archaeological dig, and the Egyptian queen Cleopatra herself had a liking for one stunning peridot discovery.

Reminders of a one-legged church founder, Second World War, Cold War, and a gold brooch that pre-dates the 150-year-old church where it was found, all grace the pages of this wonderful calendar.

Fill the gift bags of all your friends and family by buying the History Out There 2020 Calendar here, and then throughout the year read the stories of the artefacts at ‘History Out There’.

I hope you enjoy this photographic collection even half as much as I did compiling it!


2020 Calendar April

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