Help change the world

DrugARMWhy am I raising money for the charity Drug ARM by this Saturday retracing an historic rainforest rescue and scrambling 37 kilometres in a day?

Watch this video and you’ll understand why.

It’s a message from someone who Drug ARM helped bring back from the brink of destruction – all thanks to support from someone like you. I’d like you to know the true story of how you can help a mother be there for her daughter; how you can help someone seeking help find a non-threatening environment in which to fix themselves.

This story is a testament as to how you can help – from $25 to any amount you choose – you’ll help change the world, one community member at a time.

What if you or someone you loved, or worked with, suffered the same way? Wouldn’t you want someone there who could tell them that they were not alone, and that there was help available?

Please offer your support by making a donation today – every dollar counts.

From every person you will provide hope and help to – thank you.

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