Owning history

20150918_062814 (2)I’ve always loved a home with a past. A breeze in the corridor moves a door so slightly. Quietly creeking floors. Whispering walls. Listen and you’ll see people and sense things that have been there for so long but not noted. You can have your own historic building. I got one this week.

The Queenslander is an iconic design built for purpose. From the 1870s for the next 60 years it grew the colony into a state. Wide verandas kept the baking summer sun at bay and brought the breezes. Up on stumps drew natural cooling under the floors and left out the snakes. Queensland Pine or Silver Ash walls. Polished Grey Ironbark or Blue Gum floors. Corrugated iron roof welcomed the rain.

Stumps also make it easy to relocate. My grandmother went on holidays in 1949. When she returned, her country home was no more. My grandfather had moved it into town!

Many such homes hide in the suburbs today behind built-in verandas with rooms underneath. Splendid in their own right. However now air conditioners work overtime and floods have a field day. Oh for the old-fashioned.

I gaze at my piece of the past. Accurate to the roof trusses and rafters. Constructed the old fashioned way. Totally timber. No nail within sight. I built it myself. Materials from the Little Building Co. It’s a model 1:100 scale. It’s beautiful.

Marcus studied three dimensional design and now runs his own design company for big things. He also does these fully timber little buildings. They are magnificent in their detail and historic accuracy. You can have your own Queenslander, Colonial gable cottage, Miners cottage, or Terraced house. However your own family lived. You can even own the Guggenheim Museum.

The designs are fully researched. Marcus has done well. Collectors, historians, architects, visitors, people who like nice things, will love them.

When you get one, you’ll spend a couple of hours making it. Don’t worry. It’s easy, and you’ll come to truly understand your building. Then just look and listen. The walls do whisper. Your mind will see people and places you’ve known or wish you had. You’ll adore it.

Readers of History Out There get 20% discount until 25th October.

Click on www.littlebuildingco.com and enter the site. Choose your buildings, click add to cart, go to your shopping cart, check out, enter the promo code 3OH8D2G and enjoy

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