Father’s days

EncounterBay5 (2)George II is king and in 1750 two earthquakes are felt in London. Far away in the English Peak District, William is born on Leek Moor. He’s a determined boy. When he grows, he has two sons named William before a third survives into adulthood. This is one family’s 265 years of father’s days. William lives into his 90s.

The industrial revolution sees this William continue the purpose. The stone mason yearns for a better life for his boys. He’s bound for South Australia. In 1839 he walks overland, saved from starvation by the Aborigines. He does ok in the goldfields, and lives to 86 to outlast his whole family.

Isaac is a ploughing champion. In 1860 he builds this home that still stands today. He serves as a district constable and in the mounted rifles, forerunner to the Australian Light Horse. His life is cut short when his rifle accidentally discharges while he is climbing through a fence. He dies after a long and painful illness. Seven children are orphaned.

Thomas and his siblings aren’t treated well. Some run away from home. A good runner and high jumper, in 1916 he goes to the First World War aged 44. His ship is torpedoed and sunk, he’s gassed. It was a good war, he prevented his only son going. Tom lives to the age of 88.

Harold’s in the Light Horse ready to go when the war ends. A stockman, labourer, and builder, he plays football to feed his family in the Depression. He laughs through the tough times, always a gentleman. He dreams of fields. He tells his son that last night the ploughed furrows are straight and complete. He passes away in 1987 aged 90.

This Harold is bigger and another football champion. He does go to war. Excels at sports, business, everything he touches. He loves his dad and names his only son Harold.

Yesterday I got a hug from my boys for Father’s Day. Eight generations and 265 years of the Peacock family. The love of your children through their embrace is still the best thing ever.



  1. AWESOME. BEAUTIFUL. Love the stripped back style. I got tears in my eyes when I realised who exactly the people were that were being described. Thank-you so much for a fantastic day at the footy on Saturday, we all had a ball!!

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